My First Vacation Part 6


Here’s how to spend your first day in Amsterdam. Europeans are so damn smart. This rig is a traveling pub. See all those Brits? You pedal like crazy and drink beer. What absolute genius thought this one up?

Frau Grace showed a little leg and we climbed on board. The best part was I drank beer and didn’t have to pedal. Cheers, mates and thanx! (You may need to click on the audio button when it’s opens.)

The third guy on the right was about to tie on the ol’ ball and chain. I’ll drink to that! 🍺

Tomorrow I’ll post a bunch of photos.

Day six of my vacation in Juarez . (You Brits will have to go back to last Monday’s post to figure this out)


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3 Responses to My First Vacation Part 6

  1. Andy Wangstad says:

    Pedal Pubs are available in the US, and have been for some time. I know the fellow in Minneapolis (Al Boyce) who would love to have you organize one in Florida. You’re right – a great idea!

  2. Walter Parker says:

    You know they have those pedal bars all over Florida.

  3. pieter says:

    Hi traveller.

    You were in time to see such a thing:
    Hyperlink doesn’t seem to work, but Amsterdam will ban them as from today, that is the 1st of Nov.

    Have a good trip and safe travels

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