Hey, I’m back. Thanks to the powers that rule the universe. Did I ever tell you that me and the powers have a one on one  relationship? I don’t do Jackpoop, but i always come out smelling like a rose. Up in NOVA, (Northern  Virginia).

Ok, I was trying to relate something really poingient, but i’m Now officially retired (that’s an excuse). But I spend so much time hunting and pecking that I forget what i’m Trying to say. Like Mert Nertman Monday two weeks ago.  You saw that post, right?

but i’m Back here in Florida and it feels real good.  Night before last it was 23 degrees at Loinfruit’s apartment. 81 degrees here in Florida. (Fahrenheit for you people who live in the old country)

i hope that i’m Able to (I don’t know why many of my “I”s come out lower case)  I hope that i’m Able to 9now I don’t remember  i don’t knowq what that means. i hope mert hasny veen hittingf thew bottle again


forget it. A story  from 1966. Effie goes back to college…


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