Strasbourg, France

This is Strasbourg, France. It’s in Alsace, which, if you know the history of the region, used to be part of Germany. Most of the people here speak French, but a sizable minority speak German. The city is also the seat of the European Union Parliament. There are several notable EU buildings, unfortunately I only saw them from a canal sight seeing boat. Here is the Parliament Building. It’s quite impressive.

The canals are really beautiful. The tour guide said that Strasbourg is called the “Venice of France”. (By the way, the tour guide in the canal boat in Amsterdam said that Amsterdam was called the “Venice of The Netherlands”. About 35 miles south of me here in Florida is the city of Venice, Florida. It’s the “Venice of Florida”. There’s one in California too. It’s called the “Venice of California”. Just goes to show you.)

Below is another classy area of Strasbourg. 600 years ago it was where they tanned leather. Back then it was polluted and it smelled very bad. Pee-yew!

This is a typical street in the old down town:

This was a cool dog. He just stood there with his head resting on the other dog.

Once he lifted his head up, looked around, and then put it back. I think he was sleeping standing up. (Did you know that Polish women can sleep standing up? It’s true. I’ve seen it. That was back in ’96. I was there just after the Iron Curtain came down. This gal I was associated with in Poland took a nap standing up, in a moving train no less. Horses can sleep standing up. Birds sleep standing up. Elephants. I’m just a wealth of information, aren’t I?) That’s my shadow taking the photo.

This is the square where the big Cathedral of Strasbourg sits:

See that old looking building…

It was built in 200 B.C. or there about. I can’t remember exactly. But it’s real old. So is the Cathedral. For five centuries it was the tallest building in Europe. The main spire is 461 feet tall. If you pay them enough money they’ll let you climb up to the top. Yeah, right.

It’s got a nice front door:

A banging organ:

And a really, really famous astronomical clock:

Just now I’m putting together a collection of daily strips from 2003 and 2004. This Sunday was November 21, 2003…



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