Merry Christmas!

Check it out. I have a hard time shopping at Walmart. For some reason nothing seems to fit. Explain it to me. Shopping at Walmart.

Yesterday was a beautiful day to walk the beach down here in Paradise. Anna Maria Island looking north:

And the turkey vultures were enjoying a putrescent squirrel in front of the Baby Jesus. Bad taste, buzzards, and I don’t mean the squirrel.

Wait a Minute! Who’s that cute little kid with Santa?!

Why it’s MEEEE! Guess what year.



Over the years I’ve drawn and sent many Christmas cards. Now that I’m retired and quite lazy, I didn’t do it this year. Here’s an old card 0f mine from years ago:

(Click on it)



OK, Here’s my Christmas Sunday from 1998



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  1. Carlos says:

    The Christmas card link didn’t work.

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