Lunch with Leroy Part 7

Now that I’ve retired (best job I ever had) I have time to go through a bunch of my old family stuff. One thing is my baby book. My sister came first, and her baby book is crammed full of stuff. Not so much in mine. I’ll show you some of the stuff this week. First is this lovely poem in my mother’s handwriting at the bottom of page three. Isn’t it so very precious?!

Actually, I had twelve toes.


You can’t imagine the problems I’m having with the printers and the 2003-2003 book. I have to get on the line with them again tomorrow.


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6 Responses to Lunch with Leroy Part 7

  1. Congratulations on your retirement! You earned it with your hard and joyful cartoonist work to make us, your longtime loyal fans, who enjoing your fantastic and realistic view on life thru Piranha club and characters around them . . . Thank You!

    Be healthy and well!

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Thanks so much, Victor. But actually I’m not totally retired. I’m putting together collections of my comix, and it’s kind of a big job. There’s almost 12 thousand strips to organize. whew?

  2. L. Norris says:

    I truly enjoyed your comic strip. Sad thay you are retiring, but I wish you the best. Enjoy life, exercise, travel, make new friends, enjoy your family and then you can start your collection of comics.
    We, your fans are going to miss you.

  3. Tom Brink says:

    Understand complely your need to retire. I retired in 1998 after 40 years of working and military in WW2. All of my contemporarys waited to retire to get more Social Security. They all were gone in their first few years of retirement. Enjoy everyday. My first investment, just before retirement, was an old 40’ trawler in San Diego. Fixed her up and had a two bedroom condo on the water for many years. Kids came then grandkids to enjoy it. Finally got too old to keep her up by myself so let her go. Take your time and remember the one word “ Comfortable” Use that word in everything that you do and if it isn’t comfortable don’t do it or get rid of it. Just enjoy each day!

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Words of wisdom, Tom. I hope Frau Grace will let me get a boat. One that runs for a change. What’s Florida without a boat? And thank you for your service.

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