Frau Pork Helps Enos to Stop Snoring 3

Thank you, everyone, for your kind emails wishing me the best. But that’s not going to happen. I’ve already had the best. And thanks to you who kept me in business all these years. And please give me a little time to answer all you kind emails. I’ve gotten so many.

As y0u may know, Mort Walker passed away three days ago. He was the last of the old time cartoonists. I believe it was in 1952 he began Beetle Bailey. I did it for 30 years. He did it for 65 years. I met him about the time I started Ernie/Piranha Club. He was a great cartoonist and a fine gentleman. I recall when I was about 8 or ten years old I read a Sunday strip where Sarge and Cookie were having a cussing contest. I never laughed so hard in my life. I told him about that over dinner one time. He remembered the strip. I know that all his many, many fans will miss him terribly.




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  1. justinslot says:

    Bud, my local paper (the Philly Inquirer) ran a little message with today’s strip that this week would be The Piranha Club’s last. I’m sad but also appreciative of all the years you put into this strip, which I’ve always thought was one of the more unique features in my daily comics experience. I don’t think we’re ever going to get another strip set in Bayonne, certainly (and I say that as a proud New Jerseyan.)

    I don’t know if E.C. Segar was an influence on you but I have always thought Ernie/Piranha Club was the closest we’ve had to capturing the good-naturedly anarchic spirit of his Popeye/Thimble Theatre universe. Best of luck in your retirement.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Thanks. I have a big book of Popeye comics. Loved him. There’s a nice collection in the book “The Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper Comics”

  2. Rebecca Day says:

    Dear Bud,
    I was so sad to see your last comic in the Sunday paper. I’ve loved your characters from day one and will miss the series very much. Thanks for all the smiles, giggles and laughs. Have fun in your retirement!!
    Best wishes,

  3. Chris says:

    Priana club? Check top right.

  4. Gail Parker says:

    Best Wishes for a long happy healthy and fun retirement!! Thank you for the laughs through the years.
    (Gail Parker Phila PA)

  5. Terry Reed says:


    I could not find your direct email address on the blog pages, so I’ll use this forum to say thank you for sharing your humor and your life with us readers over the past 30 years. Best wishes for a long and happy retirement.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      I don’t print my email address, I have a drawing of it. I’ll make it more accessible. Thanks for pointing it out.

  6. Lacey Cefalo says:

    Birthday wishes can be far more significant, when the recipient is made to come to feel happier and much more expectant about receiving older.

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