Frau Pork Helps Enos to Stop Snoring 4

More from my Baby Book. This is my father and I. It’s rare because he didn’t like to have his picture take. Maybe it was because it was like the Amish. Or like those tribes in New Guinea who think if you take their pictures you capture their souls. Or maybe it was because the cops were after him. Probably that was it. He was a tough guy. Back in Chester in the 20’s and 30’s he was notorious. He liked to fight. And evidently he was the toughest guy south of Philadelphia. Once years later, in Florida, well after my old man died, my mother met this lady from Chester who told her that when she was a little girl, her mother would make her go to bed by telling her that if she didn’t, Bud Grace would come and get her. I was named after my dad. (Notice all the space above my head)



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