Frau Pork Helps Enos to Stop Snoring 6

Thank you for all your kind Emails. I’m still working through them.

Kurt R sent me an email on the 29th that I just read. He told me that the 09-10 collection and the 95-96 collections were off Amazon, and the some scalper was trying to get 90 smackers for them. Must have been Sid. That problem with Amazon turned out to be a stupid snafu on their part. They decided that the Author, Bo Grace, wasn’t listed as the author on their metadata. Trying to talk to those officious idiots is like talking to the wall in your jail cell. I finally had to list Bo Grace as co-author with Bud Grace.Then they said the title was Bugrace. This went on for days. Well, the two are back available, but in going through all of that I found that they had screwed up the 95-96 book. They left out two comic strips. Pages 115 and 162. And page 113 shouldn’t be there. I’m very sorry. If you have that book, here are the missing strips. If you really wanted to, you could drag them onto your desktop and print them. These are hi res.


I will take the 95-96 book off the Amazon list until I get it fixed.

I’m trying a new format for the 97-98 book that I am working on now. Four strips per page rather than three. Also a new publisher. If it works out I will eventually reformat the earlier books .

Finally, the 2003-2004 collection should be available in the three strip format today. Tomorrow at the latest. I’m better at drawing cartoons than publishing books.

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  1. Carlos says:

    As you finalize your thirty years as a comic strip artist, remember the words of Teddy Roosevelt, “Speak softly, but carry a big shtick.”

    “Goodbye Forever, Old Buddies and Pals”, Mitch Miller, 1966

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