Enos Quits Smoking 6

More photos of Billie and me on our heavenly honeymoon… 

A couple people have sent messages saying that the links to Billie don’t work. Since I’m almost finished, I’m adding the link to my menus. Be sure to check the link on Sunday. There will be something special.

Also, as I said before, I’m not good on running this thing. I found messages from way back that I hadn’t seen. I’ve answered them all now. Trouble is I get lots and lots of spam. I’ll see if I can get a plugin to help. Before I changed servers I just did away with comments because of all the spam. Also, I am still working through all my emails. I’ll get it done for sure this weekend.

Here’s the end of Enos’ attempt at stopping smoking. It always bothers me when I see a young person smoking . There are two final strips here. I didn’t publish this first one. I was afraid that some kid might try it.

This was the replacement:

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