Legal Ethics Part 6

Hey, If I had a bone in my nose I could pass.

Did I show you what Loinfruit gave me for my birthday? This box has a kit with sorts of stuff in it.


The idea is you have to ground yourself or you’re like an isotope or something. Who wants to walk around all day full of excess electrons? There’s that blanket that you can ground and wrap around you, but  I think the main thing is the grounding strap. The idea is you plug the one end into the grounding hole in your wall socket. (In Europe it’s different. Your grounding hole isn’t like ours. If you tried to use this thing you would probably electrocute yourself.)  So I tried it when I was sleeping. Here’s the cord and the grounding strap hanging on the bedpost.

That orange strap is what you wrap around your wrist or ankle. Maybe your neck would work. I slept with this thing around my ankle. About four o’clock in the morning I got up to hit the can and fell flat on my face halfway to the bathroom.

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