Ernie’s Trouble with Machines Part 2

OK, It’s a tough contest. I’ve given a little hint on how to proceed on the contest page.

The 2009-2010 collection should be available in a couple days. If you’ve been keeping up you know that I’ve had a few problems with the publisher. I fixed them and I took the time to clean up the book a bit. Now I’ll get back to work on the 97-98 collection.

Check this out.

That cute little girl is U-No-Hoo. Ok, it’s from the back. Somewhere there is a picture with me facing the camera. You can tell that my mother took the picture because she always put the subject in the bottom quarter of the photo. I was 2 years 4 months old, and I remember it like it was yesterday. I was so humiliated. It was the day before my first haircut. I was so pretty my mother put me in a dress, put a ribbon in my hair and made me hold a doll baby. She put me in front of some of her flowers and took pictures of me. It was horrible. You think I’m not carrying around some baggage? When my mother took me shopping to buy me new pants, she would put them on me and then reach into my front pocket. She wanted to make sure I couldn’t stick my hands in my pockets and play with my pee pee. GEEZE! TIME FOR ANOTHER TUNE-UP!!

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  1. Steamer says:

    U-no-hoo? My first guess was Baby Nicole…yikes, Bo! This blog need not document your descent into insanity, just sayin’. Stick with contests and stuff, it’s ok we will always love and support you etc etc. :^]

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