Sid?! Cheap?! Are you kidding?! 2

There’s still plenty of time to win the comic strip.

I came across this old photo among my mother’s things. It’s Frankie Fox and I on the first day of first grade. We didn’t have kindergarten back then in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  And if your birthday was in January, which mine was, or earlier, you could start school when you were 5 years old. Look at Frankie’s necktie. Is that cool or what? It looks like he might have had a lunch bag or something buckled to his jacket. Frankie had a little brother named Johnny. Frankie and Johnny. That’s cool too.


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  1. Bob Kent says:

    I also went to school in Delaware County, Upper Darby, and have a January birthday, 1/1. I know what you mean by being the youngest person in your grade. However, we did have kindergarten when I started. I guess that Upper Darby expanded from the 1-room school that you attended way back when. Just kidding.

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