Sid?! Cheap?! Are you kidding?! 5

When I was a kid I didn’t have a dog. I had a hamster once (Actually I had about two dozen hamsters at one time, but that’s another story I’ll tell you later) What I had was pet raccoons. My favorite animal. And this one was Coonie, my favorite. She used to sleep with me. She grew up and went back to the wild. But once a year she would come to visit me and show me her babies. Then we’d play like we did when she was little. Raccoons are very intelligent and over all remarkable animals. In fact they are by far my favorite animal.  My first pet raccoon was named Ramar after Ramar of the Jungle. My very last raccoon was when I was going away to college. He was a rescue. I raised him from a baby. I took him to the Bradenton animal shelter when I left. I can still see him walking away from me. The animal shelter had a huge piece of property which is still there. I turned him loose in their forest. Raccoons’ habitat has shrunk and shrunk over the years. We rescued several babies. Here I am with Coonie when she was a baby.


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