Here Moosie, Moosie, Moosie! Part 1

Daniel Aston wrote this poem and sent it to me. I like it. Thanks, Daniel.

                          A Comic Message

The comic strips are great art that is often taken for granted,

For they possess a magic that is truly enchanted.

Every day they assemble the facts and tell the truth,

And they do it with humor and the innocence of youth.

And the art is compelling and fun to enjoy,

As it delivers a message not meant to annoy.

And the art takes license with people and pets,

And this cast of characters is as good as it gets.

For the comic strips tell the story of us,

And they do it daily and without a lot of fuss.

So the next time you spot the comics in the daily news,

Take time to reflect for it is art combined with editorial views.

It is a story with a message told with a smile,

It is the story of our lives, told with style.

So celebrate these portraits of our own life’s stories,

For they are the best, in all of their simple glory.


Professor Torbjörn W of from Uppsala, Sweden asked for this old story from 1992. (See, ever smart people read my comics) Remember, If you want me to post an old story or favorite strip, send me an email. I still have a few requests yet to fill. In this story, Ernie and company go to the Olympics…

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