Here Moosie, Moosie, Moosie! Part 12

Speaking of my neighbor, one thing he has  is neat booze. It’s the kind you don’t drink, you just look at. For example:

I’ll translate. It’s German. It’s made in Dusselldorfer. It’s Krumme (Pronounced “Crummy”) And it’s Kraut Liquor. That’s how you know it’s German.

This is Polish Vodka. (One day I’ll tell you about my trip to Poland in 1996) My neighbor is Polish. But this vodka is just something you also just look at. It’s got wooden handles and a cork you can pour it through once it’s opened.

This is really neat. It’s got a whole pear inside. You know, of course, that they put the tiny pear inside the bottle and let it grow. Very cool.

This is Cerberus Magenbitter. It’s more Kraut booze as you can see from the label. (You know that Cerberus was the thee headed dog that guarded the entrance to Hades. I don’t know who the guy on the label is. Maybe the dog’s owner.)

This is Mountain Schnapps. It comes with it’s own Swiss yodeler’s hat and a little stein. I wish I could yodel. I’ve been trying all my life. Can’t do it.

This is my favorite. It’s Five Star Armenian Brandy. It’s in a glass slipper! Fantastic!

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2 Responses to Here Moosie, Moosie, Moosie! Part 12

  1. Glenn says:

    I remember that when this was published in sweden they also published an alternate ending, that if I remember correctly, was too much for america so it was replaced with that one, right ?

    • budgra5_wp says:

      The other ending had the gold medal going to the Jamaican Moose Milking Team. If you remember there was a Jamaican bobsled team in one Olympic competition. They made a movie about it. The dehydrated moose is ending is much better.

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