Another Day in Paradise 4

Chris M had a problem when he posted a comment. Somehow somebody else’s photo was tagged as his image. He figured out what happened, and you may be interested if it’s happened to you. Here’s what he wrote:

I asked a guru type who manages a number of sites.  He said that google or something like it found the image, did a facial match to me (it’s not far off) and puts into wordpress sites and others as a ‘helpful thing’.  Insert FAGA conspiracy theory here…

He emailed me later and said this:

OK it should go away now but might take a little while  The source was who was hosting the thumbnail and they helpfully got it from google.  No passwords or permissions needed, you just use the email address and have them send a link to it.  Follow it and you can change or whack images.  There’s no provision for adding a password, either for them or wordpress.  So at some point several years ago while in south of France at a Russian hotel, my email got compromised and may have been the original cause.  If Boris or Natasha come calling, I’ll send them to you guys.

Thanks, Chris.

As I was saying yesterday, Manatee Beach is really nice. The entire beach the length of Anna Maria Island is tops. One reason is that there are no high-rises allowed on the Island. It makes it really pleasant. The Manatee Beach, unlike Coquina Beach at the south end of the Island, has a tiki bar…

Did you catch Loinfruit? And more about that girl in the yellow bikini tossing the football tomorrow.

Here’s gag from January 1, 2000…

You’ll notice that I didn’t draw my pee pee. Hey, I got class!



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4 Responses to Another Day in Paradise 4

  1. Geno says:

    I got 3 words for that. Coquina Beach Café.

    Yes, they serve drinks.

  2. Chris M says:

    I think the least I can do is pay reverence using my new-found power. If Earl only had a beard, he’d look just like me!

  3. budgra5_wp says:

    Didn’t know Coquina Beach had beer.

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