Cow Joke

See these shorts? I’ve had them for about 40 years.

I used to have a purple pair just like them. I guess the purple ones  finally got too ragged to wear. I wish I could find shorts  like them today. Maybe if I went to a gay boutique.

Yesterday I helped a lady jump start her car in the supermarket parking lot. She told me to come by the Bradenton Farmer’s Market today and she’d give me a free jar of the best salsa ever created. I happened to be near there this morning. The lady wasn’t there, but her husband was. He said “Are you Buddy?” Any way I got some of the world’s best salsa free. I haven’t tried it yet.

This lady paints glass. It’s very nice:



Lots of stuff and music…

As we all know, Enos accepts a wide variety of patients. This is from April of 2000. My notes say that it was inked by my assistant at that time, Jay Scruggs. If you have the 2003-2004 collection, his work starts out the book. He could draw much better than I. Now days he’s an executive vice president of a very major architectural firm, head of the Washington D.C. Office. He’s a great person and he’s also extremely talented.

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