Earl’s Behavioral Difficulties 1

I’ve been beautifying the joint. Check out some of my recent plantings:

Persian shield alternated with lantana:

Ok, they’re not much now, but wait 10 or 12 years. I use those buckets to collect rain water. I use it to make my tea and coffee. Am I cheap or what? My lovely yellow hibiscus:

That’s heather next:

I have a couple of them.  This is kalanchoe. Whatever the heck that is. Another Frau Grace project. She bpought six of them.

Golden dew drop. I planted two of them. They are supposed to get beautiful golden berries. And it attracts humming birds. We’ll see.

Frau’s orchids are blooming:

Big deal. Check out my beautiful tomato plant!

Seriously, the secret is don’t buy cheap garden soil or potting mix. A lot of what they sell is just decomposed mulch. After this I’m only using Miracle Grow.

Back in 1992 Earl almost got thrown out of the Piranha Club:



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