Earl’s Behavioral Difficulties 4

Big news on Sunday.

Hey. This is what I have to worry about. Loinfruit had a job interview about 100 miles north of me here on the West coast of Florida. He hates his job up north. So I worry. I’m his dad and dads are supposed to worry. He’s been waiting for them to do a background check. Text messages:

Last Sunday from Loinfruit:

I figured what’s up with the job offer. Saturn is holding up the background check. If I am patient it should be smooth sailing. I have both Mars and Saturn (fire and ice) fighting for me to get in down there.

Loinfruit doesn’t give up information easily. Me on Wednesday:

What’s the news? You know that I’m worried.


It is out of your control so worrying is irrational. Let the Universe work itself out.


Dammit! Just tell me if you heard anything!


No. We would have a much better and closer relationship if you didn’t worry about me.


Maybe you should call them. And I can’t help worrying.


Hey! What a relief!


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