Earl’s Behavioral Difficulties 10

Speaking of behavioral difficulties, I want to show you something from my youth. When I’d read a book, I’d write down words that I wasn’t familiar with. I came across this recently:

What I want you to notice is not the words, it’s the penmanship. (This is for all you elementary school teachers) When I was a child I had a hard time paying attention in school. If it were today (Subjunctive case. More about this later.) they probably would have had me in a special class. I was constantly being reprimanded, particularly in fourth grade. The teacher was Mrs. Hager. I think she hated me. There were so many times I had to miss recess or stay after school and write a hundred times I will not misbehave in the classroom or something to that effect. (Notice that the bitch didn’t know enough to make me write shall in place of will.) As a result of Mrs. Hager’s incessant hypercritical punishment, my handwriting was ruined. I would scribble as fast as I could. Usually it was on the blackboard so when the other children came in from recess they could see what happens to the criminally inclined (me), and use it as an example. Check out my handwriting on the vocabulary sheet. I was about 20 years old when I wrote that. I still can’t write script legibly. I can’t even sign my signature. More later.

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