Earl’s Behavioral Difficulties 11

Yesterday I told you about Hare the Horrible, my fourth grade teacher. I only had a few bad teachers. Most were at least adequate. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Jeanne Parrish. She taught me 12th grade English at Manatee High School. Let me give you a little background. I’m not like Uncle Sid. I’ve always been very honest. I spent many years as a student, and I only cheated once. That was in Mr. Anderton’s 8th grade English class. Sandy Aldridge, the prettiest girl in school sat behind me. One test day, it was a multiple choice, she poked me and said “Buddy, what’s the answer to number 3?” What was I to do? I gave her the answer.

It was 12th grade, and Mrs. Parrish gave us a test. The next day when she returned the tests I noticed that she had graded mine wrong. She gave me an “A” when I deserved a “B”. After class I told her. She said “Buddy, I’ll never forget you.” She never did. I loved her dearly all my life. About a year before her death at age 97, I was down in Florida and I was fortunate to take her to lunch and spend the day with her. That was the last time I saw her. Here we are at my 50th high school reunion:


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