I’m off to Vienna

If it’s Sunday night I’m over the Atlantic. Monday should find me at De Gaulle in Paris and later that evening in Vienna.  I’ll try to keep posting.



Here’s a Sunday from this time in 1996:

By the way, speaking of drivers license photos, here’s one of mine from 1980. Would you w2ant your daughter to marry this guy? They used to do body cavity searches at the airport.

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3 Responses to I’m off to Vienna

  1. John Cole says:

    Your next collection:
    Please include everything between your 92/93 collection & your 97/98 collection. I have your 92/93 & will buy your 97/98 once I return home late next week. Thank you

  2. Glenn says:

    You look s bit like a stereotype of a mad scientist in some bad movie in that picture.

  3. budgra5_wp says:

    Geeze. No wonder I couldn’t get dates.

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