Back in the USSR, Boy.

Don’t know how lucky you are boy. Lots has changed since I was in Paris 15 or so years ago. There are some of the rudest people in the world, that’s true, but by far, most of the people are very polite and helpful. On the subways and trains, people often got up and offered us there seats. I guess it was because we’re older. And don’t think that if you go there the streets will be filled with your typical Frenchmen and women like you see in the movies. It’s multi-national and multi-ethnic.

The problem with the pickpockets is terrible. I told you about our encounter. We stayed in a small hotel near Le Gare du Nord. The desk clerk told me that about one quest per week gets robbed. The thieves carry devices which can read your credit card immediately and withdraw cash. Frau Grace had her card in a small zipped up leather purse under he clothes, and it only took the thief a second to extract it. She had no idea what was happening. Fortunately I was able to grab the guy and get the card back. They work in pairs. They attack at stations in crowded cars when people are rushing to get on or off, and bumping into one another. If you go there, be very careful.

Another thing, I wanted some good French food. About the only thing we found was onion soup. There are lots of pizza joints and Asian food. Hamburger joints. a few of the places are tourist rip-offs. Our last day there we both had terrible attacks of diarrhea. We hadn’t eaten anything except we shared an orange, and I had bought a cheap bottle of water at a grocery store. The hotel clerk told me that that could very well have been the source.

When I told you aboput Le Boulevard du Cheap Suits, I failed to mention the on the other side of le Rue is tLe Bulevard du Sleazy Dresses…

I like it.

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  1. Tom says:

    I had my pocket picked in Belgium when I was stationed in Germany. I knew right away, when I turned around all I saw was an ocean of faces. Was a pain in the ass as I had to cross two borders without ID. Got lucky, no one checked. Was a lesson learned, to this day when in a crowd, I put my wallet in a front pocket.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Did I mention that thew clerk at the little hotel where we stayed said that about once a week one of the guests had his or her pocket picked. They do it at station stops when the car is crowded, near the door so they can jump off or on just as the doors close. They also have devices that can read the card immediately to transfer your money on the spot. I’ll never go back to Paris. You would think that the police could do something about the problem.

  2. Chris M says:

    Pickpockets, yes, they are a common problem wherever there are people. Front pocket is a great defense. Don’t wear jewelry! Don’t be distracted with your cell phone. Ladies, hold your purse tight!

    The RFID card readers for thieves are a myth.

    RFID cards are far more secure than the old mag stripe ones. The ‘wallets’ and such are snake oil. Anyway, if you have two next to each other, that’s another defense.

    The real defense is a tin foil hat. Didn’t Ernie wear one at some point?

    • budgra5_wp says:

      I didn’t carry my wallet. I kept my money in my coat breast pocket. Frau Grace had her card in a small zipped leather purse under her clothes. The guy still got it, and she had no idea she was picked until I grabbed the guy and he dropped the card.What does the tin foil hat do?

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