Back in Maryland

I’m just about over my cold from gay Paree, thank you very much.

I’m here at my house in Maryland. The one I want to sell as soon as the boss (Frau Grace) agrees. One problem I have is with my neighbors and their weeds. I’m talking big weeds, ten feet tall. Years ago I said to my one neighbor “Would,’t it be nice to have a nice hedge along the property line. She said, in her Edith Bunker cacophony, “I don’t like hedges!” Right. She doesn’t like hedges. She likes weeds. This is after I’ve been whacking them back. And I have to haul the brush to the dump. Or am I just getting old and crotchety?

That’s not my boat. I got rid of that pile of crap two years ago. I had to give it away. And I was happy that I didn’t have to pay the guy to take it.

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