Here’s something about Loinfruit that drives me nutz. He’ll go to Costco and buy stuff like cans of beans. Little cans of beans? Are you kidding?! He buys the five gallon institutional cans of white beans. Enough beans to feed the Chinese Army. Can you imagine? He lives alone. And he’ll open fifteen or so pounds of beans. If you ate that in one sitting you’d be blasting off to Detriot. We’re up here in our old house on the Chesapeake and there’s been a five pound bag of grits in the cupboard for about ten years. If you cook grits, you know that five pounds of uncooked grits makes about five hundred pounds of cooked grits. OK, I’m exaggerating a little, but it makes one huge pile. I hate to waste food, so I had a brilliant idea. I put the five pounds of uncooked grits in the bird feeder. To my surprise and chagrin, it didn’t work. Even the squirrels wouldn’t eat it. Hey, I love grits. Everybody from Georgia and South Carolina loves grits. How about Scrapple? I love Scrapple. I’m going to buy about eight or ten pounds and take it to Florida. Some of the more ignorant among you might not know what Scrapple is or what it’s made of. Trust me, you don’t want to  know.

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