Thank you, Syd, for your concern. One thing I had done yesterday was I had my eyeball zapped. Once you have cataract surgery sometimes your vision degrades. It’s due to a film forming inside your iris. The procedure only takes a couple minutes, although you have to wait while your eye dilates. Now I can see  as well as when I first had the surgery. If you’ve had cataract surgery and your vision is getting fuzzy, go see your ophthalmologist. Odds are that the problem can be fixed.

Regarding my post about asparagus, Steve H. says his wife eats the florets of broccoli and cauliflower and she gives him the stems. Don’t blame her. And he sends this recipe for asparagus:

Try this:

Lay the asparagus out on a small cookie sheet, all in one layer, and brush with either butter or olive oil.

Then roast on the middle rack, in a 400° oven, for about nine minutes.


We’ve had a ton of rain in the Northeast this past week. Over 8 inches here in St. Michaels. Maryland.

But my roses are beautiful:



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