I’m Still up North

but for some reason something popped into my pathetic head. I’ve had a bunch of doctor’s appointments lately (That’s what Happens when you get old. When you’re with your friends, all you talk about is doctors’ appointments) Today I had one of my cataract eyeballs zapped with a laser. If you’re old, and if you’ve had cataract surgery and your vision has degraded, go to you ophthalmologist  and get your eyeball zapped. It works.)   I just started thinking about what happened to me three years ago. I was in Falls Church. Virginia, and I took a walk along a wooded path. The next morning I woke up with an itchy (ladies, sheild your eyes) crotch. I pulled off what was, from all I had read, a deer tick. Now if you aren’t in the U. S. You might not know that deer ticks are hosts to Lyme disease.  I called my doctor. All he could do was give me an appointment with one of the other doctors in his practice, Dr. Kumar. I had folded the tick up in a sheet of paper for his diagnosis. He looked at it with his magnifying glass and said in his Peter Sellers accent “Yes, yes, that looks like a deer tick”. He gave me a prescription for a prophylactic antibiotic. Then he said “Now take it back to it’s forest home where it belongs and set it free”

You think I’m making this up. I swear on my hope for life after death that it’s true.

You may know that Effie makes a few bucks on the side as a fortune teller. This is from 2006…


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