Jansson’s Temptation Part 2

Frau Grace made Jansson’s Temptation again. This time she used anchovy paste instead of anchovies.

Yum! And it looks so appetizing! Hey! What happened to my hamster? When we got married she cooked shrimp for our first dinner at home. They were little guys. Didn’t taste quite right. I dug the package out of the trash. The brand name was Hook ‘Em or Cook ‘Em.  Correct. She fed me bait .

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6 Responses to Jansson’s Temptation Part 2

  1. Lasse Åhman says:

    Well, the bait did work, didn’t?

  2. Bob says:

    What is the recipe for Jansson’s Temptation?
    Anchovies and potatoes looks like a good start.
    Of course, the anchovy paste makes it look like small slugs on the potatoes (it is anchovy paste, isn’t it?)

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Jansson’s Temptation is really good. Potatoes, Onions, anchovies and heavy cream. It’s the best scalloped potatoes I ever ate. It’s a Scandinavian recipe, of course. I don’t have the recipe in front of me, but you can find it easily on line. I believe you want old potatoes, not new potatoes. You slice them thin and then soak them in water to remove the starch. Slice the onions thin. When the potatoes have soaked for an hour or so, dry them. Alternate layers of onions, potatoes and anchovies in a casserole dish then pour the cream over top. I don’t have the amounts of the ingredients. Bake it for about an hour at 400ºF until the potatoes are cooked. Yum.

  3. Kjell Lund says:

    As a Swede (not the vegetable) I’m happy to learn you are a fan of Janzons temptation. If you have’nt been told the history of the dish from your Scandinavian distributors (Bulls Press?), here it is. The dish is named after the, not so famous opera singer, Per Adolf “Pelle” Janzon (1844–1889). He served the dish to his friends after his shows together with beer and, of course, one or two snaps.
    And by the way, you got the recipe all right. The neme however should be Janzons temptation, but we also call it Jansson temptation or simpy Jansson

    • budgra5_wp says:

      What =ever you call it, it’s the best scalloped potatoes I ever ate. My friend Dag Kolstad (I’m sure some of you Norwegians know who he is) made something very similar about ten years ago. I think he left out the anchovies. Very, Very good.

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