Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day in which we honor the service people who sacrificed so much for our country. Up the road from me lives a guy who used to be the prop master for MGM or some other big movie company. He often sets up fantastic displays for various holidays. A couple years ago I posted his Christmas display. He had a real jet plane that had evidently run into Santa Claus and made a  landing in his field. This year his Memorial Day display is spectacular. In it you can see a Revolutionary War soldier with a cannon, a replica of Arlington National Cemetery with a war widow and child mourning the graves, a Sherman Tank and a soldier on a motorcycle with a guy in a side car. He even cut off the tops of his fence posts so people on the road could see the display better. I’ve always wanted to have a Sherman Tank of my own. You don’t have to drive around things. You drive over stuff and through stuff. How neat is that? I’d love to drive one down the Capitol Beltway in Washington DC. Outta the way you dirty bastards! Traffic there is absolutely horrible, and anyone who has driven it will testify to that. Notice from the flags how the wind was swirling when I took the video.

To all our service people, living and gone, I thank you for your service.

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