Sharks and Other Fish

Ok, this is the last of my Mote Aquarium stuff. First here’s Loinfruit in front of a Megalodon¬† jawbone.

One big shark. This is a mold of a pretty big hammerhead that was caught off Siesta Key:

I don’t know who the the guy is, but compare him to the shark. Whew! Behind him is the shark tank.

I don’t know what that big fish with the curved fins. Anybody know? The other big one is a tarpon. Here’s a fish with a big set of dentures:

A couple more fish.Very strange ones…

The Mote Aquarium is on St. Armand’s Key, that’s the beach west of Sarasota. It’s worth a visit. Adult admission is $22.

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2 Responses to Sharks and Other Fish

  1. Steven Haszonics says:

    The fish with the curved fins is a Pompano. Tasty!

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