New Book

I’m going to start work on a new collection. Any suggestions? What two consecutive years should I include? Start with an odd numbered year, like the latest one, 97-98.

Also, last Sunday I posted this:

It’s June, and as I posted some months ago, if you are interested in a particular strip or strip with a certain character or situation, email me. I’ll see if I can retrieve it from the Ohio State University archives. I’ll wait a few weeks before I do it. But if you would like something, please let me know soon.

As I was speaking of food yesterday, did you know that it’s a fact that monkeys in zoos in Germany live an average of 27.2% longer than their counterparts in American zoos? The reason? Their diet. Monkeys in German zoos are fed nothing but sauerkraut and bananas.

This is a proven fact. That yellow stuff on my breakfast plate is mustard. I will probably live to be a hundred.

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2 Responses to New Book

  1. John Lucas says:

    The Breakfast of Champions!

  2. John Cole says:

    “Ernie Out of Control” has 1992 and some strips from early 1993. That leaves room to include the rest of 1993 and all of 1994 in your new collection. I have 1995 through 1996. Thank you

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