Loinfruit and His Culinary Propensities

Recall my posts about Loinfruit’s five pound bags of instant grits. Here’s something he left at my house when he moved into his apartment last weekend:

Yes, it’s just under one gallon of Hanover Pork and Beans.

See that? It’s seven pounds and two ounces of Hanover Pork and Beans. And if you read that first picture, the label says “RICH IN FIBER”. We know what that means, don’t we folks? He’ll be back here this Saturday. That’s June 23. He’s going to have to do a heck of a lot of fast eating over the following seven days.

They ought to make pork and beans eating an Olympic event. I think Loinfruit is a throwback.

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4 Responses to Loinfruit and His Culinary Propensities

  1. Terry says:

    but who got the Barry Manilow records?

    • budgra5_wp says:

      I had correspondence from Barry Manilow’s secretary once. He asked about a strip where I mentioned Manilow. It wasn’t anything derogatory. Not At all. Not like my references to Cher. I sent him the original. I didn’t receive a thanks or an acknowledgement from either the secretary or Manilow. I last saw him on tv about 5 years ago. He had had a face lift. You could have bounced quarters off his cheeks.

      • Glenn says:

        Was it the one where Ernie get the “Barry manilow – live at the royal albert hall” back from Uncle sid ?

        I sometimes use that record as an example when someone give a not wanted gift to someone else, just because of that strip 🙂

        • budgra5_wp says:

          I forget that strip. I know that I mentioned Barry on two different occasions.But, hey, everybody has his own particular musical likes and dislikes. I think Tiny Tim was a genius.

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