I Shouldn’t Be So Critical

I really shouldn’t make fun of Loinfruit’s culinary tastes. So he buys pork and beans by the gallons. What about me? The pot calling the kettle black. This is my present stockpile of anchovies:

Geeze, I could stockpile a nuclear era underground bunker with this collection. I’m always afraid I’ll run out.


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4 Responses to I Shouldn’t Be So Critical

  1. John Lucas says:

    Can never have too many…. Forgot to mention my Grandfather who taught me the goodness of apple cider vinegar, pickled pigs knuckles, etc., also introduced me to anchovy paste on crackers – yum. Always wondered why my Mother had a scowl on her face when he showed her what I ate during my sleepovers.

  2. John Lucas says:

    Look at it this way – the survival bunker will always be able to offer a proper ceasar salad when the neighboring bunker dwellers visit!

    • budgra5_wp says:

      There are two kinds of people in the world. People who love anchovies and people who can’t stand them. Kind of like Scrapple.

  3. Tommy Nyberg says:

    You can make a lot of Jansson’s temptation.

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