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First, I’ve been working on requests for archived originals all day. If you made a request, and I didn’t get back to you today, I’m going to work on it tomorrow (Tuesday) If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, it’s because I’m having a hard time keeping things straight. Now some more questions and answers:

Beyond the extensive European traveling which you enjoy, and besides partaking someday in the flavorful nuances of the fine Scrapple from Fort Atkinson, WI, do you or Mrs. Grace have anything interesting, outrageous, or completely outlandish on your “bucket list”? 

First, Scrapple originated in Philadelphia. And I’m through schlepping bags across Europe. From now on it will be a trip to one city only, or better yet a cruise where they dop everything for you. In August were taking a short cruise to Havana with friends. Next spring we plan on taking a relocation cruise to the Mediterranean. Most of the things on the bucket list are Frau Grace’s. I just do what the boss tells me.

What’s your favorite color?


Who was interested in the gag about the submarine in the baptismal pool? I can’t find the email.

Back in February when I was so busy, I had a couple of requests for certain stories. I just now found those notes. I’m going to make amends. First, this week and next is in memory of Wayne’s wife. (I’m sure there was no resemblance to Mother Packer, Wayne)



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  1. Wayne says:

    Thank you! This storyline was Susan’s favorite.

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