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I joined a boat club. It’s located in Cortez, which is the fishing village just across the bay from Bradenton Beach, my old home town. This way I don’t own a friggin boat of my own, thank God. You may remember me bitching about my wreck of a scow, the Piraya. That’s Swedish for Piranha. I had that piece of poop barge for about 20 years. It only ran three. I put two engines in it. What a hunk of crapola. Hurricane Isabel came through 15 years ago. When I first looked out my window in the morning I thought the filthy scow had sunk. I was so fantastically happy for about 30 seconds or so until I saw the sickening poop laden piece of pig crap floating nearby. It’s like thinking you won the lottery and then find out you were holding the ticket upside down.

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  1. John Lucas says:

    LOLOLOL – Aye! Never have me eyes witnessed a barnacle encrusted, Salty Dog wax on so “romantically” about such a glorious vessel of the high seas – may she rest in pieces in the bosom of Davey Jone’s Locker….
    ‘Tis a great Name for a boat though me bucko! Aaaaarrrrrgh!

  2. Syd Schatzker says:

    After reading your florid description of your forlorn vessel, as a lifelong land lover, the term “poop deck” now makes sense.
    Wait! What an idea for a comic crossover. Uncle Sid and the boys take a sea cruise on a boat captained by Popeye and his dad, Poop deck Pappy!

    Maybe we can throw in Gilligan’s Island too?

    Now that has possibilities.

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