Back on Dry Land

Yes, folks, I went on a major clam hunt yesterday. The word must have gone around. All the clams in Sarasota Bay left in a rush. They must have known I was coming. Just goes to show you what a great clammer I am. When I was a kid down here so many many years ago, I used to dig clams and sell them. They must still remember and run in terror when they hear that Buddy’s on his way with his rake. Here’s my clam rake of death:


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2 Responses to Back on Dry Land

  1. Bob says:

    So, if they all ran away (slithered away?), you didn’t have clams and linguini for dinner?

    • budgra5_wp says:

      I went out again last Friday and found three clams total. They were about as big as my thumbnail. Next week my cousin and I are going to Terra Ceia Bay. Maybe we’ll find some there. I just bought two dozen New England clams last night at Captain Brian’s Seafood Market. It’s near the Sarasota airport. Raw clams are Frau’s favorite food.

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