If You Are an Animal Lover Skip This

Yesterday I posted that old Saturday evening DeSoto ad from 1941. I turned the page over for the first time and saw a horrible article. This is where we were back 70 years ago or so.

Not much does more to fill me with disgust and outrage than what is pictured here. There are still many people who would applaud this. I recall when I was five years old in Philadelphia seeing a tiny boxcar cage with the sign “Gargantua”. Inside was this pitiful huge gorilla. I could see the despair in his tragic face. When ever the thought comes to my mind it still upsets me terribly. This is a horrible, horrible photo. Mrs. Hoyt looks pleased. I hope there is a heaven and a hell. Sorry for this.

OK, put that behind us. I received several comments about further and farther. I’m pleased to know that other people beside myself care about this. And beside further and farther, infer and imply, another one that gets me is lie and lay.

If you read Lisa’s comment on yesterday’s post, she speaks of metaphorical distances. Which brings to mind my memories of my favorite teacher, Mrs. Parrish, who taught high school English… I’ll save this for tomorrow.


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7 Responses to If You Are an Animal Lover Skip This

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Bud,

    “Metaphorical distances” was the term used by the person explaining the difference between “farther” and “further”. I’ve never liked it but never had a better term until you addressed this on your blog. I went to school when it was teaching English grammar was no longer important or was somehow thought to be offensive; I didn’t start learning about grammar until Grade 4. What I’ve learned I’ve learned through studying other languages and working backwards from them and what I’ve absorbed from others.

    I lie down, I lay down, I have lain down.
    I lay the book down, I laid the book down, I have laid the book down.

    The speaker implies, the listener infers.

    That much, at least, I know.

    How about “much” versus “many” or “few” versus “less”?

    And, by the way, this strip is one of my favourites in this series. I love the way that you draw Baby Nicole – she is so cute!

    • budgra5_wp says:

      How about “may” and might”?

      • Lisa says:

        “May” for what is possible or factual, “might” for what is remotely possible or not factual.

        And by “metaphorical” it has occurred to me that the person in question meant “imaginary”. Done!

  2. Syd Schatzker says:

    Pretty sick and brutal. Humans seem to enjoy killing for sport. You would think our sense of morality would teach us to respect living creatures and govern our actions so as not to lead to the extinction of any species.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      I could never kill for pleasure. I even feel bad when I squash a fly. By the way, I can still grab a fly out of the air. My left hand is still pretty quick. Remember that Pat Morita movie about the Karate Kid. Pat could snatch a fly out of the air with chopsticks. I’m not that good. I barely pick up a bean sprout with chopsticks.

  3. Lars Åhman says:

    I agree with the thoughts about the gorilla.

    In swedish there often is a mix up between “thanks to” and “because of”.

    You can here or read in the news about people getting killed in accidents “thanks to” the weather.

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