The Port of Havana

You can see why the Spanish established Havana where they did. The bay is protected by a narrow channel which was easily defended by forts on either side of the inlet. Here are some snaps of the harbor area:


That is looking northeast. See the fort to the left of the photo? I’ve been reading about Caribbean pirates lately in a book titled Buccaneers and Pirates of Our Coasts by Frank R. Stockton. It’s on Librivox, which is a free audiobook app. I think it was written around 1890 or so. The Caribbean was loaded with pirates in those days. It was an occupation. Mostly they raided Spanish galleons which were taking the gold they stole from the Americas back to Spain. They also besieged cities and towns and held them for ransom. Some of the pirates could be pretty nasty. Read about L’Olonnois the Cruel. Real nasty. I’m also reading Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini at the moment. It’s a good book. Erroll Flynn, whom I mentioned a few days back, starred in the movie. Olivia de Havilland, Lionel Atwell and Basil Rathbone were also in it. It was the movie that launched Erroll Flynn’s career. You’ll see a picture of Erroll in Friday’s post

See how that terminal doesn’t have a roof? The one beyond it is the same. Tomorrow I’ll show you photos from when I was on shore, and I’ll say something about the conditions there.

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