Peter Steiner

Did I ever show you this? I met Peter Steiner back around 1982. He was a New Yorker cartoonist for years until he retired about twelve years ago. He bought a house up in the boondocks of Connecticut. When I met him we were both members of the Cartoonists Association which was mainly composed of magazine cartoonists. Our group met in New York about twice a year at the Salmagundi Club in Lower Manhattan . We became friends, and we saw quite a bit of one another when he lived in Northern Virginia near me. Once, about twenty five years ago, we went to France together. Not only was he an excellent cartoonist, after he retired he wrote several detective novels. I’m sure that you can find them on Amazon. Not only that, we both taught at the University of Georgia back in the early seventies, although we didn’t know one another then . I taught physics and he taught German literature, I believe it was. He’s a very talented man. About ten years ago I visited him and his wife, Jane, at his house in Connecticut. He painted this portrait of me.

Makes me look good, doesn’t it. He probably still paints commissions.

Day 2 of Ernie, February 2, 1988

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  2. Tom Thomas says:

    The first panel (without the customer) is the “Mr Squid Logo” you drew for me 2-3 years ago. Is it ok for me to post it on my facebook page. All my relatives are sooo jealous!

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Please do. Anything I post on my blog except those cartoons with a copyright affixed is fair game. If I drew something for you personally, you may post that too. But you can’t sell reproductions of stuff I did for you without permission. OK?

  3. Tom Thomas says:

    No Problem

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