Next Week

I hope to have all the strips you wanted in the mail this coming week.  I’m running a little behind just now. I have to do some work on a new Christmas album for Egmont in Norway.  And I’m putting together a new collection of Science cartoons. And my old college roommate whom I haven’t seen for over 40 years is coming in tonight. I have to get everything done by September 11. I’m heading up north to my place on the Chesapeake to take care of some business. I thought when you retire you kick back and relax.

Happy Birthday to my old friend Lasse.

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2 Responses to Next Week

  1. John Lucas says:

    Shortly after my Dad retired he was lobbying for 48 hour days he had so much he wanted to do beyond what was keeping him busy. Stay strong and stay the course. The opposite of a busy life is a real bummer I’m told, but then $5 and my advice will get you a carmel macchiato latte at Starbucks…

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