I think I missed a day or two. It will probably happen again. This Wednesday I’m leaving sunny Florida and heading north. I should arrive at the Chesapeake Bay about the same time Hurricane Florence does. OBoy. But I’m sorry I missed a post. Or was it two. Here is the end of the first three weeks of Ernie dailies that were published in1988.




I was going to tell you about Mitsy Perdue. She was married to Frank Perdue, the Chicken Czar, here in the States. They lived on the Delmarva Peninsula. That is the land on the west side of the bay comprised by parts of the three states Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. They would have called it the Delmarvi Peninsula. There are tons and tons of chicken farms over there, and that’s where Mitsy and Frank lived. When Mitsy saw my cartoon in the paper she was thrilled and wrote me a letter. We had correspondence, and then she sent me a photograph of herself in a chicken feather negligee just lie Effie wore in the strip. Beak and all. I’ll have to dig in my pi;es of stuff and find that photo.


And here’s Sunday number 3:

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