My Trip Is Cancelled

At least put off till next Wednesday. This could be a real bad storm. I have my house on the Chesapeake. If Florence maintains its current track it shouldn’t be too bad there. But I pity those poor people in North and South Carolina. My house was built in 1896. and it’s wood frame. Hurricane Isabel about 14 years ago hit us. The water came up six feet above the highest tide that that I had ever seen there. And it was at low tide that it happened. I looked out my window that morning and all I could see was water. A lot of my neighbors were flooded. The water didn’t quite reach my house.

More Moedonna. If you recall, Madonna has never been shy. As for Moe Howard, he was way beyond bashful. I’m sure you know that Moe, Curley and Shemp were brothers. Their last name was Horowitz, changed to Howard for professional reasons. Larry Fine was an accomplished violinist.

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2 Responses to My Trip Is Cancelled

  1. Anna Page says:

    I wish you all the best, hoping there will be no damages on your property, family or friends.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Thank you. My house on the Chesapeake is up far enough that there should be minimal damage if any. But I feel so bad for the people in the Carolinas.

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