Hurricane Florence II

It looks really bad for the coastal areas of North and South Carolina. I’ve been in a few hurricanes, but never a category 4. I read one article about the post storm problem with the millions of drowned animals. And there are a lot of pig farms up there. Lots of dead pigs and their sewage will flood all over the place. I don’t know if greenhouse emissions had a part in this particular storm, but they certainly are affecting our climate. I hope that you’re not one of those who think you know more about science than scientists. I read yesterday that Governor Brown has taken steps to see that the State of California will be carbon neutral by the year 2045. Good for California. I wish that a certain segment of our political leadership was as wise as he.

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  1. Alan Parker says:

    If you listen to Gov.Jerry Brown then there is nothing I can say. Our present administration is doing just fine!

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