How Ernie Started in Scandinavia

I received an email from someone I met a long time  ago. It looks like the date is December 1, 1995. When she was a little girl, three years old, I drew this picture of her and her two brothers. It’s not very good. It’s on Instagram, and I’m not a member. But this is what I have:

She happens to be the daughter of Jonas Svensson. It was his 60th birthday, and she asked me to draw a little sketch for him which I did. Here’s Jonas way back when he was working for Pandora press, no longer in business.

Here, back in 1987, I think it was, Jonas worked for Bulls Press, which is the distributor of King Features comics among other things. It was Jonas who first sold Ernie to Dagens Nyheter. That’s the big newspaper in Stockholm. He took it to this man, Nisse Larsen.

Nisse talked the bosses at Dagens Nyheter into giving Ernie a try. If not for these two men Ernie might never have made it to Scandinavia. I am very very grateful to both. Thanks again, guys.

A few people might have been confused about yesterday’s punch line. I know Bob was until Lasse straightened it out.  Pick two. Anytime you don’t get a joke let me know. I’ll tell Lasse A. and he’ll explain it.


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7 Responses to How Ernie Started in Scandinavia

  1. Lasse Åhman says:

    I am very flattered.

    Thank you!

  2. Bob says:

    Thanks Lasse. I might be getting too old. Even my wife got the joke. I used to think that I had a dirty mind, but maybe we can change. A few years ago, I definitely would have known which two to pick.

  3. GS says:

    Nice old pics!
    Nisse spells his last name Larsson, though – not Larsen.

  4. Jonas Svensson says:

    Hi Bud! I just discovered your blogg … Thanks’ a million (a year late, but anyway)
    for the sketch. And the nice words. I like the idea that I might have a small part in Ernie’s success in Scandinavia, but I’m sure he would have made quite well even without my help.
    Anyway, thanks for all the laughs! (And Julia loves that you made her 3-4 years younger)

    • budgra5_wp says:

      GS must have contacted you. That post when I mentioned you was from September 15, 2017. I hope things are good for you. You might have heard that we moved to Florida.

      • Jonas Svensson says:

        Actually, I found it by a Google-search. It started with a discussion about Dagens Nyheters comic pages in the good old days – now they are down to one (1) strip in weekdays. And it´s a reprint… Florida sounds nice. One of this days I’ll have to get over and visit you.
        (But the post must be from September 2018 – I did turn 60 last year…)

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