Happy Tuesday

At least I think it’s Tuesday. One of my readers is a commercial airline pilot, and he also happens to be a very goo0d cartoonists. He sends me his posts. I like this one. By the way, Greg Kaley is a pen name.  I shouldn’t tell you this, but his real name is Ed “Kamikaze” Grootner.


Any other cartoonists out there?

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2 Responses to Happy Tuesday

  1. Anders B Weiborn says:

    Hi! I’ve been a fan forever. I even have this bottle opener in form of a piranha that I got when I was a member.

    You hade a strip many years ago when there was an audition and somebody played with two hammers on his skull. It had a very funny punchline that made me laugh out loud. Could you please publish it here?

    Anders B Weiborn


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