Isn’t this nice?!

We’ve been going through stuff and Frau Grace came across this. I don’t recall the event, but this was presented to me in 1998. Does anyone remember? If so thank you very much.

Yesterday in Comments, Anders reminded me of that Earl bottle opener that Pandora Press had made way back when. I have one somewhere, I’ll see if I can find it. He asked me to post a particular cartoon. Here it is from December 27, 1990. Sid is auditioning acts to perform at New Years Eve.


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3 Responses to Isn’t this nice?!

  1. Lisa Bulger says:

    Do you have any other Piranha Club items lying around? I remember a pin in the shape of Earl and I think a wallet with Sid on it. There’s a picture of you on the Internet in an Earl-patterned shirt, which looks great.

    • budgra5_wp says:

      Yes I do. Wednesday I go up north for about three weeks. The plan is to make the items that I have available. I have very limited numbers. I’ll post pictures on my Books and Stuff page. But I won’t make them available until later in October. I’m way too busy just now.

  2. Anders B Weiborn says:

    I’m really thankful and impressed that you took your time to find this strip! It’s hilarious for sure! 🙂

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