Gulfport Florida

We met Loinfruit and friends in Gulfport for lunch today. The little downtown waterfront is pleasant with little restaurants lining the street. I posted some photos of O’Maddy’s a few years ago. I hadn’t been back there since.

Here’s a couple shots of  Boca Ciega Bay from in front of the restaurant:

Maddy’s is the restaurant with the big trough in the men’s room filled with ice.

You could barely taste the rum in the frozen Margarita.


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4 Responses to Gulfport Florida

  1. John Cole says:

    Hilarious — the arithmetic works out

  2. Lasse Åhman says:

    I like all the photos you publish. It gives me a feeling of traveling.

    I am curious what Loinfruit use for you Bud.
    Does he have a blog to were I, we, can follow his life with you?

  3. budgra5_wp says:

    No, Loinfruit does not have a blog. He lives in Pasco County about two hours north of me. He took a job in Florida so he could be close enough to take care of the old folks. That’s what he told me.

    As for the math, heck, I graduated with honors with a bachelors in mathematics. Of course, that was over fifty years ago.I used to be smart.

    • Lasse Åhman says:

      Oh, well, I can keep on hoping.
      I’m sure that when he realy need to take care of you, he will need a blog to make his life easier.

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