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Isn’t this nice?!

We’ve been going through stuff and Frau Grace came across this. I don’t recall the event, but this was presented to me in 1998. Does anyone remember? If so thank you very much. Yesterday in Comments, Anders reminded me of … Continue reading

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Happy Tuesday

At least I think it’s Tuesday. One of my readers is a commercial airline pilot, and he also happens to be a very goo0d cartoonists. He sends me his posts. I like this one. By the way, Greg Kaley is … Continue reading

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Stuck in Lodi Again

Actually, I’m stuck in Bradenton. Amtrak cancelled Wednesday’s train due to the flooding.       Here’s an old story from 1990. Ernie gets a lesson in playing Poker.  

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Happy Sunday.

I guess Sunday is pretty much over. Here’s a Sunday strip from this time in 1992. Sorry, no color file      

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How Ernie Started in Scandinavia

I received an email from someone I met a long timeĀ  ago. It looks like the date is December 1, 1995. When she was a little girl, three years old, I drew this picture of her and her two brothers. … Continue reading

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My thoughts and prayers go out to those victims of Hurricane Florence.     Fo0r you poor culture deprived individuals, after Arnold picks two fingers, Moe pokes him in the eyes. Of course, that’s not the joke here.

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New Book

I have a new book which should be out just as soon as I proof it. It’s a collection of science related cartoons I drew years ago before I started my strip. The title is What’s New in Science. I … Continue reading

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Hurricane Florence II

It looks really bad for the coastal areas of North and South Carolina. I’ve been in a few hurricanes, but never a category 4. I read one article about the post storm problem with the millions of drowned animals. And … Continue reading

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My Trip Is Cancelled

At least put off till next Wednesday. This could be a real bad storm. I have my house on the Chesapeake. If Florence maintains its current track it shouldn’t be too bad there. But I pity those poor people in … Continue reading

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Hurricane Florence

My trip up north has been postponed for a week due to the hurricane. Amtrak cancelled theĀ  train we were going to take. Also, I had to contact Ohio State about a missing strip. They are going to send it … Continue reading

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