OK, just two more treasures and I’ll quit.

Check it out.

Sears Roebuck All-Purpose Buffing Wheel Compound. What?!!! She probably has a buffing wheel somewhere squirreled away. God Knows. But that’s nothing. Check it out:

Rawleigh’s Antiseptic Healing Salve. Good for Man and Beast. And it’s guaranteed under the Food and Drug Act, June 30, 1906.

And it only cost fifty cents.

What this salve is for mainly is cow boobs.

Hey, It’s great stuff. I remember in 1949 my mother bought a tin of similar stuff in the same kind of can. It was Watkins Salve, Good for Man and Beast. My mother called it tit salve. And it worked like crazy.  That goop could suck the pus out a boil over night. No kidding.

You women out there, you know it’s true!


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  1. Syd says:

    Ha..ha…ha. Bud you sure have a way with words. Now I’m feeling nostalgic.

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