I think I screwed up


as usual. I think I didn’t post the Friday gag in my story about Doris getting a job. But, heck, I’m an old guy, and if you took an X-ray of my brain it would look like a Google map of Southern Mississippi. Here’s the Thursday strip about Doris’ job. I think.

Hey, you old guys reading this, you know what I’m talking about. My old friend, Tropical Jack, was here, and we must have killed a couple gallons of Old Havana Rum. I don’t know if I didn’t post the old Thursday strip, but here it is anyway.

Ok. About 6 months ago Lisa asked me to post this very scary Halloween story…

That “”K-TAK Boom” came from Mad Magazine from when I was a kid. I think it was a Will Eisner story about Frankenstein.

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5 Responses to I think I screwed up

  1. Anna Page says:

    Another explanation to why I love your sense of humour – I also grew up with Mad : )

    Bud, don’t be so hard on yourself, screwing up makes the world mote interesting. You should charge extra for that.

  2. Anna Page says:

    Ha ha, just made the world more interesting- or “mote” interesting : )))

  3. Anna Page says:


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